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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Talk To Me...Conversations With Creative, Unconventional People"

Dinah was recently interviewed on "Talk To Me"
listen to the archived show June 9th 2009:

"My guest tonight is Dinah Romig Mellin. Dinah is a fun-loving, Celtic fiddle player and artist. She teaches fiddle lessons; indulges in creative art projects from graphic arts to Fine Art. Printmaking is on the top of her list. She's a member of the Cape Cod Fiddlers and hosts the "Fiddle & The Harp" on WOMR 92.1 FM."

Rita Schiano, host of this radio blog talk show, is a friend of Dinah's from college days. They were reunited on Facebook. Rita is an accomplished writer, having recently published "Painting the Invisible Man"
...Painting the Invisible Man is not only a tremendously good read as a story of the complex dynamics of an Italian family on the fringes of the mafia, but a painful coming of age story that has resonance with anyone who feels that his family is out of the norm. And who doesn't. As a child, Anna adapts to her world with extraordinary and heartbreaking creativity, usually at the expense of fitting in with her peers. As an adult, writing is the vehicle that allows her to unravel, and causes her come to terms with, her history. This was a book that I couldn't put down. It is also a book that I will want to reread and savor anew. — A reader from San Francisco, CA

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Fiddling on Cape Cod
Dj-ing on WOMR
Bringing music to the Cape Cod Schools
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designing whimsical Cape Cod "stuff"
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Fun loving Celtic/Folk/Blues fiddle player and artist. It's more about the interaction with fellow musicians than about being a soloist! I love where I can go, in and around the tunes.. I am an illustrator and graphic artist. Love abstract art/design. One day I'd love to do a cover for The New Yorker.