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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Allegretto Outreach - Musical Instrument Demonstrations

Allegretto will be performing on Eastham Windmill Green
presenting a musical instrument demonstration for children.
We want to encourage every child to become musical!! We are born musical and music is a wonderful partner in life!

On Samoset Road & Route 6, Eastham, MA
June 20th 2009 at 2pm

teaching, musical instrument demonstrations, encouraging, children, sparking an interest, how does it work, bagpipes, saxophone, flute, soprano sax, and more
drums, Bodhran, Fiddle, cello, trumpet, piano, electric keyboard, recorder, northumbrian pipes, harp, irish step dancing, guitar, slide guitar, dobro, pocket trumpet, accordion, bass, banjo, clarinet, mandolin,

Benefits of Music:
better grades in school, helps learn amth and science, creates discipline and stability, creates sociability, a life long love....
Helps one focus, makes friends, is fun, helps you balance your feelings...

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