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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tim Joyce, singer/songwriter

Tim Joyce acompanied by Randy Patterson just were on my radio program "the Fiddle & The Harp" sept. 28, 2009 reading from his newly published book of poems "Stone Mad" (sold at Booksmith in Orleans) and also singing a fw of his original songs.

photo of Tim Joyce on right, Randy Patterson on left

Tim Joyce
prolific singer/songwriter; English Literature teacher at Nauset Regional High School -Eastham, MA; Fine Arts; Poet;
Story Teller.....

He sings the blues or a little rock and a little folk..some tunes remind you of old Irish ballads...
Sounds a wee bit like Bob Dylan from time to time... Is best heard live ...he is a great performer.

Tim has been recording his music for many years now, playing rhythm guitar and singing.
With: Karl Hoyt (also a teacher at Nauset HS -specializing in the favorite guitar building course) on Bass, Randy Patterson -lead guitar and backing vocals, Dinah Mellin - fiddle,
and Brad Conant - drums, Bruce Abbott- flute/saxophone, Davey Burkitt-harmonica, and others...
[Keith Stanton (German teacher at Nauset HS] played lead guitar and co-authored a few songs on some of the first recordings]

for info on how to find a CD:

Fiddle lessons on Cape Cod

Dinah teaches fiddle/violin

Dinah is always concentrating on guiding her students to play by ear as much as possible...
Dinah is classically trained, but has been playing fiddle for the last 20 years. She also improvises and plays in Blues sessions, traditional, folk sessions. She also has been recorded on my a singers' CD's.

half hour or hourly lessons

Live on WOMR: Doug Lamey and Emerald Rae on fiddle

WOMR Live Interview with Higher Ground String Band

Jean Sagara -fiddle, Cheyl Parkington-banjo/guitar, Mike Murzyn-bass and Randy Patterson- mandolin. They all sing their hearts out!

listen to Higher Ground String Band, who came to WOMR to perform and bring their beautiful sound right to the radio/internet listeners!
Dinah Mellin hosted Higher Ground String Band in September 2008 they have a very special sound singing gospel and folk tunes.

"Talk To Me...Conversations With Creative, Unconventional People"

Dinah was recently interviewed on "Talk To Me"
listen to the archived show June 9th 2009:

"My guest tonight is Dinah Romig Mellin. Dinah is a fun-loving, Celtic fiddle player and artist. She teaches fiddle lessons; indulges in creative art projects from graphic arts to Fine Art. Printmaking is on the top of her list. She's a member of the Cape Cod Fiddlers and hosts the "Fiddle & The Harp" on WOMR 92.1 FM."

Rita Schiano, host of this radio blog talk show, is a friend of Dinah's from college days. They were reunited on Facebook. Rita is an accomplished writer, having recently published "Painting the Invisible Man"
...Painting the Invisible Man is not only a tremendously good read as a story of the complex dynamics of an Italian family on the fringes of the mafia, but a painful coming of age story that has resonance with anyone who feels that his family is out of the norm. And who doesn't. As a child, Anna adapts to her world with extraordinary and heartbreaking creativity, usually at the expense of fitting in with her peers. As an adult, writing is the vehicle that allows her to unravel, and causes her come to terms with, her history. This was a book that I couldn't put down. It is also a book that I will want to reread and savor anew. — A reader from San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"The Fiddle & The Harp" WOMR 92.1FM Outermost Community Radio

Streaming live on the internet & the stations signal going out across the airwaves as far as Plymouth MA - WOMR has a slice of radio for everyone. Monday nights is Celtic/World music on The Fiddle & The Harp.
Three lady dj's: Dinah mellin, Denya LeVine and Jean Jarrett bring you three hours of music, interviews with musicians, or sometimes a personal touch (having a friend call in to chat about their latest creation)...
Listen on the computer or on your sterio.

Mondays 5-8pm EST

Orleans Inn Irish Song and Tune session -every Friday

The Orleans Inn (Main Dining Room), Orleans, 508-255-2222. Friday: Irish session, 6:30-9 p.m., no charge.
in the summer the session is held downstairs near he outdoor deck.
Hosts are; Dinah Mellin-fiddle, Bill Flynn-ukulele and song, Pat O'Brien-accordion and litlting and recitation, and Kay O'Brien adding song throughout the evening. Sharing the session are Frank & Maryanne Demello on vocals and guitar, Don Jenkins on vocals and guitar, Bill O'Donnell on song, Bill Burley on Highland Bagpipes and drum. Many more musicians come and sit in, such as: John Best, Jean Sagara, Cheryl Parkington, Mike Murzyn,Edmund Robinson, Randy Patterson.

every friday! unless cancelled because of bad weather-reservations needed
Musicians are always welcome to come join in!

Longing For Ireland in Concert

Longing For Ireland in Concert
Dinah Mellin, Denya LeVine and Greg Johnson performing irish, Scottish, zJewish, and original tunes and songs

Eastham Windmill Green
Samoset Road and Route 6
Eastham, MA 02642
August 17th 2009

Allegretto Outreach - Musical Instrument Demonstrations

Allegretto will be performing on Eastham Windmill Green
presenting a musical instrument demonstration for children.
We want to encourage every child to become musical!! We are born musical and music is a wonderful partner in life!

On Samoset Road & Route 6, Eastham, MA
June 20th 2009 at 2pm

teaching, musical instrument demonstrations, encouraging, children, sparking an interest, how does it work, bagpipes, saxophone, flute, soprano sax, and more
drums, Bodhran, Fiddle, cello, trumpet, piano, electric keyboard, recorder, northumbrian pipes, harp, irish step dancing, guitar, slide guitar, dobro, pocket trumpet, accordion, bass, banjo, clarinet, mandolin,

Benefits of Music:
better grades in school, helps learn amth and science, creates discipline and stability, creates sociability, a life long love....
Helps one focus, makes friends, is fun, helps you balance your feelings...

Dinah Scene

Fiddling on Cape Cod
Dj-ing on WOMR
Bringing music to the Cape Cod Schools
and adding fiddle to some amazing songwriters' music.
designing whimsical Cape Cod "stuff"
a cocktail dress, a few ties with unusual images on them

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